pSX Compatibility List - NTSC-U, Current

Game Title GameID (Discs) Version Works Comments
007 Racing SLUS_013.00 1.6 YES "eek! samplestoirq=0" error
007: The World Is Not Enough SLUS_012.72 1.6-1.11 YES  
007: Tomorrow Never Dies SLUS_009.75 1.10 YES
2Xtreme SCUS_945.08 1.6 YES During gameplay, the sky will change colors; "translate_address: illegal physical address" error
3D Baseball SLUS_000.66 1.13 YES Graphics glitch on "Crystal Dynamics" screen
Ace Combat 2 SLUS_004.04 1.7, 1.10 YES Screen centering controls do not respond
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere SLUS_009.72 1.12 YES Does not play FMV's; freezes up after beating the game
Alien Resurrection SLUS_006.33 1.10 YES Some talking is missing; Controller issues: need a DualShock, but can only walk, no running; use memcard slot 2
Alien Trilogy SLUS_000.07 1.10-1.13 YES v1.10: Possibly glitches during the intro movie
Alundra SLUS_005.53 1.8, 1.11 YES Minor video problems, sound buffer underrun at end FMV; v1.8: 
Alundra 2 SLUS_010.17 1.8 YES Random lagging problem, in-game movies have choppy dialog (-r option does not fix this problem)
Andretti Racing SLUS_002.64 1.10 YES BIOS 101
Animorphs: Shattered Reality SLUS_010.10 1.8 NO Logo screens run slow; Freezes at the welcome screen
Ape Escape SCUS_944.23 1.8-1.13 YES Must have a Dual Shock controller to play; Spike will not run when pressing up on analog with no apparent fix; some message boxes tend to delay in loading
Apocalypse SLUS_003.73 1.11 YES  
Arc the Lad SLUS_012.24 1.6 YES
Arc the Lad 2 SLUS_012.52   YES  
Arc the Lad 3 SLUS_012.53 (2) 1.5 YES All discs: Sometimes hangs during battles in the Danger Dome; Disc 2: hangs during "job 89" leaving you unable to  continue, but this job is not required to beat the game
Armored Core SCUS_941.82 1.13 YES Use memcard slot 2
Armored Core: Master of Arena SLUS_010.30 (2) 1.10 YES Slight lag with sounds in-game during loading from memory card and a few menus
Armored Core: Project Phantasma SLUS_006.70 1.8 YES  
Army Men 3D SLUS_004.91 1.11 YES
Assault Retribution SLUS_007.13 1.8 YES  
Azure Dreams SLUS_006.14 1.8-1.13 YES
Barbie: Super Sports SLUS_009.46 1.6 NO Freezes up after the Playstation logo
Barbie Explorer SLUS_013.61 1.8 YES
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker SLUS_012.07 1.8 YES  
Battle Arena Toshinden SCUS_942.00 1.11 NO During gameplay, fighters & timer are moving too quick, making the game unplayable; "pos=xxxxx auto=xxxx" errors
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 SLUS_002.20 1.12 YES  
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 SLUS_004.83 YES
Battle Hunter SLUS_013.35 1.8 YES  
Battletanx: Global Assault SLUS_010.44 1.4 YES
Beyond the Beyond SCUS_947.02 1.13 YES Game randomly displays garbage when you go to the world map, some get garbage every time
Blast Lacrosse SLUS_013.80 1.13 YES Use memcard slot 2
Blaster Master SLUS_010.31 1.12 YES  
Blasto SCUS_944.12 1.10 YES Bad XA play, causing some problems to read data level
Blazing Dragons SLUS_001.00 1.13 YES Audio problems: speech is sometimes choppy or messed up; tested with CD
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain SLUS_000.27 1.1, 1.13 NO At the first dialogue (with the bartender) Kain's speech goes into an infinite loop
Bloody Roar SCUS_941.99 1.6, 1.13 NO v1.13: Characters do not appear on screen; v1.6: Crashes emulator
Bloody Roar 2 SCUS_944.24 1.6-1.11 YES
Boombots SLUS_009.68 1.8 YES  
Brave Fencer Musashi SLUS_007.26 1.11-1.12 YES Freezing issues - intro can be bypassed by pressing START, others by fast forwarding; play using image, not CD
Breath of Fire 3 SLUS_004.22 1.1-1.4, 1.10 YES No analog; v1.10: Minor graphics glitches
Breath of Fire 4 SLUS_013.24 1.0-1.8, 1.10 YES v1.10: Minor graphics glitches; v1.0-1.6: Copy protected (patched)
Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena SLUS_006.87 1.1 YES Menu screen disappears quickly, so you have to be ready to select an option
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars SLUS_004.84 1.8 YES
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling SLUS_005.71 1.10, 1.13 NO Freezes saying "Please Wait" when going into any game mode; command window errors
Bushido Blade SCUS_941.80 1.11-1.12 YES
Bushido Blade 2 SLUS_006.63 1.7 YES  
Bust-A-Groove SCUS_942.63 1.11 NO Music and graphics go out of sync making the game unplayable
Bust-A-Groove 2 SLUS_011.59 1.10 YES  
Bust-A-Move SCUS_942.63 1.6 NO Game timing is off, making gameplay extremely difficult and flawed
Buster Bros. Collection SLUS_002.06 1.6 YES  
C-12: The Final Resistance SCUS_946.66 1.5 NO Game runs fine until actual gameplay, then almost all graphics are missing; tested with -r option
Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro SLUS_014.76 1.4, 1.7-1.8 YES  
Carnage Heart SCUS_946.04 1.5 YES
Cart World Series SCUS_944.16 1.9 NO Hangs while loading a track
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night SLUS_000.67 1.1-1.13 YES Issues with the game hanging when trying to load something from CD/image, sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn't; music failing to loop back properly, causing the game to continue without music; other problems
Castlevania Chronicles SLUS_013.84 1.8 YES Sometimes when you die the game freezes instead of restarting, only seems to occur on Level 2 and beyond
Chocobo Racing SLUS_008.44 1.13 YES
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 SLUS_008.14 1.0-1.11 YES Minor graphics issues: slight displacement along parts of the menu/text/other frames
Chronicles of the Sword SCUS_947.00 1.6-1.7 YES
Chrono Cross SLUS_010.41 (2) 1.8-1.9 YES Freezes when transitioning into some screens, seems to be random as to when it happens
City of the Lost Children, The SCUS_941.50 1.8 NO Crashes after the intro movie
Clock Tower SLUS_005.39 1.1 YES Some sounds are strange, but overall everything seems ok
Colin McRae Rally SCUS_944.74 1.13 YES
Colony Wars SLUS_005.43 (2) 1.5 YES Various graphics and audio glitches, but gameplay itself is fine
Colony Wars 3 SLUS_008.66 1.9 YES Minor graphics glitches; cannot use Analog controller mode
Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Retaliation SLUS_006.65 (2) 1.1-1.11 YES If played from CD, there is no music while in-game or on the main menu
Contra - Legacy of War SLUS_002.88 1.13 YES
Contender 2 SLUS_013.05 1.8 YES  
Cool Boarders: Extreme Snowboarding SCUS_943.58 1.8 YES
Countdown Vampires SLUS_008.98 1.7 NO Freezes up at the title screen
Crash Bandicoot SCUS_949.00 1.7, 1.11-1.13 YES v1.7: Minor graphics glitches on the menu
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back SCUS_941.54 1.9-1.13 YES  
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped SCUS_942.44 1.11-1.13 YES
Crash Bash SCUS_945.70 1.11-1.13 YES Mod protected, may need to use PAL bios to bypass
Crash Team Racing SCUS_944.26 1.11-1.13 YES
SLUS_944.59 1.10 NO Floating tribal mask won't go away after finishing giving instructions; other modes won't let you past waving flag; with both problems, the game appears to be waiting for XA audio to stop, but it never does
Critical Depth SLUS_004.28 1.9 YES  
Criticom SLUS_000.46 1.6 NO Won't load
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos SLUS_005.30 1.10 YES Intro doesn't work
Crusader: No Remorse SLUS_002.68 1.13 YES Possible sound issue: when a song stops, it should repeat the same track instead of going to the next song?
Crusaders of Might and Magic SLUS_007.99 1.8, 1.11-1.12 NO Freezes when loading the 1st stage, -r switch doesn't help; "r3000: executed illegal opcode" error
CyberTiger SLUS_010.04 1.13 YES
D SLUS_001.28 (3) 1.11 NO Disc 2: Controls do not respond
Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix SLUS_014.46 1.6 NO Music doesn't play when it's supposed to, which seems to cause other things to break; use v1.5 to play
Danger Girl SLUS_008.81 1.11 YES First level cut scene is skipped
Darkstalkers 3 SLUS_007.45 1.4, 1.10-1.12 YES Graphics issues - no background image during character selection screen, other graphics are missing
Darkstone SLUS_011.82 1.3-1.4 YES  
Dead or Alive SLUS_006.06 1.4 YES
Deception 3: Dark Delusion SLUS_010.67 1.11 NO Won't load; use v1.8
Delta Force: Urban Warfare SLUS_014.29 1.3, 1.6 YES
Descent SLUS_000.37 1.0-1.11 YES  
Descent Maximum SLUS_004.60 1.5 YES
Destrega SLUS_007.32 1.2-1.4 YES  
Destruction Derby SCUS_943.02 1.13 YES Freezes after the Playstation logo, but selecting the drive again will load the game; no music
Devil Dice SLUS_006.72 1.0 YES At times your character will be stuck moving in one direction until he gets to a wall and then he'll keep trying to move in that direction for a few seconds 
Diablo SLUS_006.19 1.8-1.13 NO Game runs very slow
Die Hard Trilogy SLUS_001.19 1.10-1.11 YES Runs fast in menus, Die Hard With a Vengeance is unplayable because time left runs too quickly; some areas temporarily freeze; some graphics glitches at the bottom of the screen; use memcard slot 2
Die Hard Trilogy 2 SLUS_010.15 1.10 YES BIOS 1000
Digimon World SLUS_010.32 1.4, 1.8, 1.13 YES  
Digimon World 2 SLUS_011.93 1.8 YES
Digimon World 3 SLUS_014.36 1.6, 1.8 YES  
Dino Crisis SLUS_009.22 1.13 YES Patched; voices sometimes repeat at scenes, noise spikes & sound buffer underrun on end FMV
Dino Crisis 2 SLUS_012.79 1.9-1.10 NO Freezes early on in game play; use v1.8
Discworld SCUS_946.00 1.10-1.11 YES "cuebin: read sector out of range" error
Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes! SCUS_946.05 1.3 YES Audio problems, like scratched sounds (can be helped a little by playing with latency), and bad XA playing (two same tracks played at same time, or sometimes are cut before the end); pSX show this error "eek! samplestoirq=0", and repeat it forever during actual gameplay
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove SCUS_945.71 1.10, 1.12-1.13 NO Also v1.4; Copy protected, needs to be tested with a PAL BIOS
Disney Pixar's Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue SLUS_008.93 1.10-1.11 YES Major lighting issues
Disney's Hercules SLUS_005.29 1.8 YES
Divide: Enemies Within SLUS_003.17 1.7-1.13 NO Won't load, use v1.6
Doom SLUS_000.77 1.11-1.13 YES Graphics issues: no walls or just black walls
Dragon Warrior 7 SLUS_012.06 1.11, 1.13 YES v1.13: Works with -r switch; v1.11: Minor sprite priority problems in the town of Engow
Dragonseeds SLUS_007.34 1.11 YES
Driver 2 SLUS_011.61 1.5-1.9 YES Graphics glitches; on the saving screen the option to confirm/cancel doesn't highlight
Driver - You Are the Wheelman SLUS_008.42 1.13 YES
Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes SLUS_010.02 1.12 NO Freezes when trying to start a new game
Duke Nukem: Time To Kill SLUS_005.83 1.6 YES
Duke Nukem: Time To Kill Demo (Trade) SLUS_805.83 1.6 YES  
Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown SLUS_003.55 1.1-1.12 YES Intro works, in-game graphics messed up
Dynasty Warriors SLUS_004.38 1.1-1.4, 1.6 YES Often won't load after initially loading the game image/cd, but after that use Reset and it will work; also won't load past the Omega-Force logo if no memcard is present
Echo Night SLUS_008.20 1.11 YES Use -r option
Eggs of Steel SLUS_007.51 1.11 NO Freezes at startup
Ehrgeiz SLUS_008.09 1.10 NO Freezes in some areas
Einhander SCUS_942.43 1.11, 1.13 YES Gallery images missing, if you then attempt to play after exiting the gallery, 2D objects also go missing; possible memcard problems with the game auto-saving
ESPN Extreme Games SCUS_945.03 1.13
ESPN MLS Gamenight SLUS_011.86 1.0-1.8 NO Screen goes black after the production logos while the intro music plays; command window errors
Eternal Eyes SLUS_010.34 1.4, 1.8-1.9 YES
Evil Dead: Hail to the King SLUS_010.72 (2) 1.5-1.7 YES Not full screen
Evil Zone SLUS_008.55 1.10 YES
Extreme Go-Kart Racing SLUS_015.30 1.13 YES  
F1 World Grand Prix SLUS_010.36 1.12 NO Works but crashed in the beginning?
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition SLUS_010.01 1.8, 1.10 YES  
Fear Effect SLUS_009.20 1.8 YES Cannot save to memory cards; "MISC ERROR WHILE SAVING!" error
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix SLUS_012.66 (4) 1.3 YES  
FIFA '98: Road to World Cup SLUS_005.20 1.11 NO Runs very slow
FIFA '99 SLUS_007.82 1.13 YES Runs at 60 FPS, but the game is only about speed, also cuases commentary to repeat itself
FIFA 2000 SLUS_009.94 1.6 YES Some delays in commentary and audience sounds
Fighting Force SLUS_004.33 1.8 YES  
Fighting Force 2 SLUS_009.34 1.8, 1.13 NO Freezes on the loading screen
Final Doom SLUS_003.31 1.13 YES Graphics issues: no walls or just black walls; use v1.11
Final Fantasy 7 SCUS_941.63 (3) 1.13 YES No analog; Minor crackling/popping with the music in some tracks
Final Fantasy 8 SLUS_008.92 (4) 1.11-1.13 YES Battle transition effect problems; Some buffer underruns, color brightness looking like a whiteout at times; Disc 3: To get past "Lunar Cry" FMV glitch, try using -ci option
Final Fantasy 9 SLUS_012.51 (4) 1.11-1.12 YES Minor sound effect glitches, missing textures after battle victory; no report of random hangs
Final Fantasy Anthology: Final Fantasy 5 SLUS_008.79 1.6-1.10 YES Image ratio is off, making the screen look squatted; use memcard slot 2
Final Fantasy Anthology: Final Fantasy 6 SLUS_009.00 1.12 YES Sounds are a little off; image ratio is off, making the screen look squatted; use memcard 2
Final Fantasy Chronicles: Chrono Trigger SLUS_013.63 1.2, 1.6, 1.9 YES v1.9: "spu: unknown reverb" error
Final Fantasy Chronicles: Final Fantasy 4 SLUS_013.60 1.6 YES Minor graphics issues
Final Fantasy Origins SLUS_015.41 1.6, 1.11 YES v1.11: If you want to use Dualshock, load game with Normal first, then change after starting one of the games
Final Fantasy Tactics SCUS_942.21 1.6, 1.10 YES v.10: May crash when using the "Night Sword" skill
Fluid SCES_009.85 1.12 YES  
Formula 1 '98 SLUS_007.44 1.11 Engine sound & most other SFX are missing, some graphics are garbled such as backgrounds after finishing and the rotating picture of the track on the Select Track screen, also some graphics glitches in-game; cmd window err
Forsaken SLUS_004.58 1.2 YES  
Fox Hunt SLUS_001.01 (3) 1.8 YES
Fox Sports NHL Championship 2000 SLUS_009.25 1.13 NO Won't load
Front Mission 3 SLUS_010.11 1.7-1.13 NO Minor graphics problem; random freezes in battles
Future Cop: LAPD 2100 SLUS_007.39 1.2, 1.10 NO Menus work fine, but in-game graphics are glitchy and the game locks up after a few seconds
G Darius SLUS_006.90 1.7 YES Game hesitates a bit on loading
G-Police SLUS_005.44 (2) 1.2 YES Some shader issues
Galerians SLUS_009.86 (3) 1.0-1.6, 1.11-1.13 YES v1.0-1.6: MDEC's may be skipping a few frames
Game of Life, The SLUS_007.69 1.7 NO When you go to buy a house, the text gets screwed up and the controls stop responding
Gameshark Lite G-22820 1.4-1.11 NO Doesn't work at all
Gauntlet Legends SLUS_006.24 1.4-1.13 YES Music sometimes starts and/or ends abruptly in the middle of a track; minor audio skipping; cuebin errors
Gekido: Urban Fighters SLUS_009.70 1.6 YES
Gex SLUS_000.42 1.11-1.13 YES  
Gex 2: Enter the Gecko SLUS_005.98 1.11-1.13 YES Random crashes when playing from image; One report from CD: Gex quotes cut off before the end of the sentence
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko SLUS_008.06 1.11-1.13 YES Skip the intro or it will freeze the game
Ghost in the Shell SLUS_005.52 1.13 YES
Gran Turismo (Greatest Hits) SCUS_941.94 1.13 YES  
Gran Turismo 2: Arcade SCUS_944.55 1.7-1.11 YES Press START to skip the opening FMV or it will hang; game fails to show all six positions at the start of a race
Gran Turismo 2: Simulation SCUS_944.88 1.0, 1.13 YES  
Grand Theft Auto SLUS_001.06 1.9 YES
Grand Tour Racing SLUS_004.94 1.12 YES Graphics glitches where graphics on the road are missing
Grandia SCUS_944.57 1.11-1.12 YES Hangs on 'Escape' command during battles, on some player skills/magic, during battles later in the game; use v1.10
Guilty Gear SLUS_007.72 1.7-1.8 YES  
Gundam Battle Assault 2 SLUS_014.18 1.4-1.6 NO Crashes emulator
Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James SLUS_013.98 1.8 YES  
Hardball '99 SLUS_006.51 1.13 YES Opening video "rolls"
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone SLUS_014.15 1.4 NO Freezes during introduction; memcard won't work
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature SLUS_011.15 1.1-1.3, 1.8 YES
Hellboy: Asylum Seeker SLUS_014.14 1.8 YES  
Hive, The SLUS_001.20 (2) 1.2-1.13 NO Freezes at Sony Entertainment LLC screen
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth SLUS_013.75 1.1 YES  
Hot Shots Golf SCUS_941.88 1.13 YES
Hydro Thunder SLUS_008.47 1.13 YES Speedboat engine sounds are not looping correctly; loading screen before starting a race isn't centered properly
Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga SLUS_001.50 1.8 YES
Inu Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale  SLUS_015.34 1.1-1.4 YES  
Iron Soldier 3 SLUS_010.61 1.13 YES Memcard slot 1 doesn't work, game doesn't use memcard slot 2
Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster SLUS_006.84 1.7-1.13 NO Freezes after the Playstation logo; v1.11: tested with -r option and various bios; use v1.5 to play
Jade Cocoon SLUS_008.54 1.12-1.13 YES Minor graphics issues in menu screens; "cuebin: read sector out of range" error
Jet Moto SCUS_943.09 1.13 YES Music during races doesn't always load immediately
Jet Moto 2 SCUS_941.67 1.0 YES  
Jet Moto 3 SCUS_945.55 1.9 YES BIOS: DTLH3002; Minor graphic glitch: viewscreen element within the menu does not display properly
Johny Bazzookatone SLUS_001.94 1.0-1.7 YES CDDA audio tracks are stuttering a lot
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures SLUS_010.60 1.3, 1.10 YES
Jumping Flash! SCUS_941.03 1.11 YES Game will freeze every few minutes and the music will stop playing until something triggers a new music track
Jumping Flash! 2 SCUS_941.08 NO As the title loads, the game sits and the output window gives "ps1dmac: read unknown" errors
Kagero: Deception 2 SLUS_006.77 1.9-1.10 NO Freezes after the PlayStation logo; Use v1.8
Kartia: The Word of Fate SLUS_006.31 1.1, 1.8 YES
Kensei Sacred Fist SLUS_006.00 1.6, 1.8 YES Frame rate issues
Killer Loop SLUS_009.38 1.10 YES Graphics glitches with the tracks; use memcard slot 2
King of Fighters '99 SLUS_013.32 1.13 YES  
King's Field SLUS_001.58 1.11-1.13 YES BIOS: 1000
King's Field 2 SLUS_002.55 1.11-1.13 YES BIOS: 1000
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile SLUS_005.85 1.12-1.13 NO One report where -r switch needed to be used to avoid game crashing
Knockout Kings 2001 SLUS_012.69 1.5-1.7 YES Will only load from bin/img with no cue file
Koudelka SLUS_010.51 (4) 1.8 YES Controls will randomly quit working for a few seconds; "write repaddr before 4Ts" errors
Largo Winch .//Commando Sar SLUS_014.41 1.8 1.8  
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver SLUS_007.08 1.12 YES Sound is jerky during cut scenes; lock-up about 40 minutes into a level after saving; minor lag in large areas
Legend of Dragoon, The SCUS_944.91 (4) 1.2-1.13 NO Mod protected, use PAL bios to bypass; random freezes during game play, particularly when transforming into a dragoon; see thread for more potential problems
Legend of Legaia SCUS_942.54 1.7, 1.11 YES When you reach Conkram and are about to go into the past, skip the cutscene or the game will hang; "r3000" error
Legend of Mana SLUS_010.13 1.6 YES Occassional framerate problem
Lego Racers SLUS_005.81 1.6 NO Black screen after Playstation logo; use v1.6 to play
Lethal Enforces 1 & 2 SLUS_002.93 1.13 YES  
Lilo and Stitch SCUS_946.46 1.11 YES Music doesn't loop, it only plays once then gets muted; tested with both CD and image
Loaded SLUS_000.76 1.13 YES  
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns SLUS_005.57 1.5, 1.13 NO Crashes at the PlayStation logo
Lost World: Jurassic Park SLUS_005.15 1.7 YES  
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete SLUS_006.28 (2) 1.0-1.11 YES
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete SLUS_010.71 (3) 1.0-1.6, 1.9, 1.11 YES Some problems with the outtakes at the very end of the game: long pauses, random audio
Machine Hunter SLUS_004.70 1.8 YES
Madden NFL '99 SLUS_007.29 1.9 YES Some player textures get distorted or disappear, it mostly affects the left side of the screen
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter SLUS_007.93 1.6 YES
Marvel vs Capcom SLUS_010.59 1.0, 1.4, 1.10-1.11 YES  
MDK SLUS_004.26 1.6 YES
Medal of Honor SLUS_009.74 1.6-1.9 NO Game stops rendering graphics shortly into the game
Medal of Honor Underground SLUS_012.70 1.5 NO Game stops rendering graphics when you get to the end of the street that's after the park on the first stage; tested with -r option
MediEvil SCUS_942.27 1.13 YES  
MediEvil 2 SCUS_945.64 1.13 YES
MegaMan 8 SLUS_004.53 1.11 YES v1.11: Play as image mounted on virtual drive, otherwise it crashes after beating a boss; tested with -r option and CD
MegaMan Legends SLUS_006.03 1.0-1.5, 1.12 YES
MegaMan Legends 2 SLUS_011.40 1.4-1.13 YES Freezes after the first cut scene after beating the game: Easy mode, freezes on all versions; Normal, freezes on v1.13, use v1.4; Hard, freezes on v1.5-1.6, 1.8-1.13, doesn't work at all in v1.7, use v1.4; -r switch does not help
MegaMan X4 SLUS_005.61 1.8, 1.10-1.11 NO v1.11: Use -r option to avoid freezing problems with bosses
MegaMan X5 SLUS_013.34 1.6-1.10, 1.13 YES Use -r option to get past Capcom logo or level selection problems
MegaMan X6 SLUS_013.95 1.8 YES Use -r option if the game will not load
Metal Gear Solid SLUS_005.94 (2) 1.13 YES Strange beeps sometimes when someone is talking, some light noise spikes; FMV's are offset one inch
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions SLUS_009.57 1.7 YES
Mike Tyson Boxing SLUS_011.62 1.8 YES Players don't have any sound
Millennium Soldier: Expendable SLUS_010.75 1.13 YES Command window errors
Misadventures of Tron Bonne, The SLUS_008.96 1.6-1.7 NO Freezes when you clear the first stage or pause the game
MLB '99 SCUS_942.33 1.4 YES Sound issues - commentator's voice occassionally gets distorted and sound sometimes skips
Monopoly SLUS_005.07 1.8 YES  
Monster Rancher SLUS_005.68 1.6 YES
Monster Rancher 2 SLUS_009.17 1.12-1.13 YES  
Monster Rancher: Battle Card - Episode 2 SLUS_011.78 1.6 YES
Monsterseed SLUS_007.43 1.6 YES  
Mortal Kombat 4 SLUS_006.05 1.3 YES
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero SLUS_004.76 1.1-1.3 YES  
Mortal Kombat Trilogy SLUS_003.30 1.1-1.4, 1.6-1.7, 1.11-1.13 NO Freezes at the title screen or character selection screen; command window errors
Moto Racer: World Tour SLUS_013.21 1.13 YES Minor graphics issue: color corruption on menus
Moto Racer 2 SLUS_007.38 1.10 YES "pos=xxxxxx auto=xxxxx" error
Mr. Driller SLUS_011.11 1.13 YES "unknown reverb" errors, screen centering only works on the vertical plane
MTV Music Generator SLUS_010.06 1.11-1.12 YES Major sound glitches: squeeling sounds when importing sounds into the "Riff Editor"
Mummy, The SLUS_011.87 1.11 YES Minor music and voice glitches
Namco Museum Vol. 1 SLUS_002.15 1.2-1.13 YES
Namco Museum Vol. 2 SLUS_002.16 1.13 YES In Museum Mode when you register your name, the controller stops working
Namco Museum Vol. 3 SLUS_003.98 1.7-1.13 NO Won't load; use v1.6
NASCAR Thunder 2004 SLUS_015.71 1.8 YES No sound
NBA Hangtime SLUS_003.29 1.13 NO Crashes after the copyright screen; command window errors; tested with CD
NBA Jam T.E. SLUS_000.02 1.9-1.13 YES "setloc out of range" errors
NBA Live '96 SLUS_000.60 1.11 NO Game crashes
NBA Live '97 SLUS_002.67 1.9 YES  
NBA Live 2000 SLUS_009.98 1.13 YES 3D elements run at half speed, causing sound repeats
NBA Live 2004 SLUS_014.16 1.10 NO Runs too slow
NCAA GameBreaker 2000 SCUS_945.57 1.13 YES
Nectaris: Military Madness SLUS_007.64 1.6 NO Freezes when you go to start a battle; "ps1dmac: write unknown register" error
Need For Speed SLUS_002.04 1.4 NO Unbootable
Need For Speed 2 SLUS_002.76 1.9 YES Car engine sound is missing
Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit SLUS_006.20 1.8 YES Runs at 60 FPS, but the game is very sluggish; also causes pSX to use 100% CPU power
Need For Speed 4: High Stakes SLUS_008.26 1.1 NO Freezes at the first LOADING screen 
Need For Speed: Porche Unleashed SLUS_011.04 1.10 YES One report says game occassionally freezes for a few seconds during races, volume & centering controls don't work, another report says only the movies are missing sounds and tend to hang
Next Tetris, The SLUS_008.62 1.4, 1.6-1.9, 1.11 NO All: Pieces or entire blocks are invisible; v1.9: Skipping audio
NFL Blitz 2001 SLUS_011.46 1.0, 1.4 YES
NHL 2000 SLUS_009.65 1.13 YES Players randomly "jump" up and down during game play, puck drops during face-offs occur too quickly
Nightmare Creatures SLUS_005.82 1.12 YES "pos=xxxxxx auto=xxxxx" error
Nightmare Creatures 2 SLUS_011.12 1.10 YES Memcard slot 1 doesn't work, memcard slot 2 unknown
No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! SLUS_008.04 1.0 YES
Norse By Norsewest: The Return of the Lost Vikings SLUS_004.66 1.10 YES  
Novastorm SCUS_944.04 (2) 1.6 NO Freezes up after the Copy screen
Nuclear Strike SLUS_005.18 1.11-1.12 YES Graphics glitches: Destructible objects have polygon clipping problems and odd colors; -r option does not help
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus SLUS_007.10 (2) 1.10-1.11 YES Use memcard slot 2; v1.11: minor graphics glitches; v1.10: resolution is a bit off
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee SLUS_001.90 1.13 YES Use memcard slot 2
Off-World Interceptor Extreme SLUS_000.20 1.7 YES
Ogre Battle: Limited Edition SLUS_004.67 1.9-1.13 NO Sound issues: some sounds do not work; game does not go on after the end of a mission; use v1.8
Olympic Summer Games SLUS_001.48 1.7 NO Freezes at the main menu; "post=1575 auto=1855" error
One SLUS_004.69 1.13 YES Flicker of "Please Insert Controller" when pausing the game & at end of game; game sometimes pauses on its own
One Piece: Mansion SLUS_014.06 1.4 YES
Overblood SLUS_004.64 1.4-1.5, 1.7 YES  
Pandemonium SLUS_002.32 1.13 YES Very exaggerated motion blur; tested with -r option, CD and ISO
PaRappa the Rapper SCUS_941.83 1.0 NO In-game button responses are way off - there is a delay between a button press and an on-screen response
Parasite Eve SLUS_006.62 (2) 1.2-1.9, 1.11-1.13 YES
Parasite Eve 2 SLUS_010.42 (2) 1.0-1.13 NO Freezes at 'Published by Square Electronics Arts, LLC' screen
Perfect Weapon SLUS_003.41 1.8 YES
Persona SLUS_003.39 1.13 YES  
Persona 2: Sin Punishment SLUS_011.58 1.11 YES
PGA Tour '96 SLUS_000.16 1.11 NO Crashes on title screen with an "out of memory" error
Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle SLUS_002.54 1.13 YES Framerate is worse than on real hardware
Pocket Fighter SLUS_006.53 1.13 YES  
Power Shovel SLUS_013.43 1.9-1.10 YES Screen centering controls leaves garbage pixels when moving the display, allows only up/left from initial position
Powerslave SLUS_001.02 1.13 YES  
Pro 18 - World Tour Golf SLUS_008.17 1.10 YES BIOS 101
Pro Pinball: Big Race USA SLUS_012.60 1.10-1.11 NO Won't load
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey SLUS_012.61 1.10-1.11 NO Won't load
Psychic Detective SLUS_001.65 (3) 1.11-1.13 NO Crashes pSX
Q-bert SLUS_009.04 1.13 YES BIOS 1000; locks up using some other, later BIOS
R-Type Delta SLUS_008.77 1.7 YES  
Rage Racer SLUS_004.03 1.0 YES Graphics issues - background colors are not accurate
Raiden Project SCUS_944.02 1.8, 1.10 YES Freezes if you try and save to a memcard; in-game centering controls do not work
Rampage 2: Universal Tour SLUS_007.42 1.7 YES
RayCrisis SLUS_012.17 1.7 YES  
Rayman SLUS_000.05 1.11 YES Videos play with the right side playing on the left side of the screen; music doesn't repeat after playing a single time during a level; try using v1.7 to play
Rayman 2 SLUS_012.35 1.11 YES Frame rate issues; crackling during songs and speech; tested with both CD and image
RayStorm SLUS_004.82 1.5-1.6 YES Audio issues: background music is missing at times; Control issues: controls occassionally lock up
RC Revenge SLUS_011.68 1.12-1.13 YES A bit of slowdown during game play, turning off VSync can help
Red Asphalt SLUS_002.82 1.0 YES
Reel Fishing SLUS_004.40 1.10 YES  
Resident Evil SLUS_001.70 1.10-1.13 YES
Resident Evil 2 DualShock Ed.: Claire Disc SLUS_007.56 1.8 YES Minor sound glitches
Resident Evil 2 DualShock Ed.: Leon Disc SLUS_007.48 1.13 YES Audio line "The case was apparently closed…" is missing at the beginning of the game
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis SLUS_009.23 1.13 YES Minor sound glitches
Resident Evil: Director's Cut DualShock Ed. SLUS_007.47 1.0 YES Minor sound glitches
Resident Evil: Survivor SLUS_010.87 1.13 YES  
Return Fire SLUS_001.84 1.11 YES
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure SLUS_010.73 1.9 YES  
Ridge Racer SLUS_005.40 1.11 YES
Ridge Racer 4 (aka R4: Ridge Racer Type-4) SLUS_007.97 1.12-1.13 YES Sound may glitch under default config, Latency and XA Latency to 25ms solved this
Ridge Racer Revolution SLUS_002.14 1.0-1.13 YES Can't save to a memcard
Risk SLUS_006.16 1.9 YES  
Road Rash SLUS_000.35 1.9-1.13 YES
Road Rash 3D SLUS_005.24 1.2-1.13 YES Sound issues - sometimes when you race, the music coming from the left speakers will be out of sync with the music coming from the right speakers (or vise versa), instead of once through all speakers
Road Rash: Jailbreak SLUS_010.53 1.13 YES
Rollcage SLUS_008.00 1.2 NO Crashes after few seconds
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4: Wall of Fire SLUS_001.95 1.2-1.3 YES
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6: Awakening of the Dragon SLUS_009.18 1.1-1.3, 1.7 YES  
Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends SLUS_010.62 1.8 YES
RPG Maker SLUS_006.40 1.9 YES Menu runs too fast
Rushdown SLUS_008.28 1.8 NO Freezes on the main menu
SaGa Frontier SCUS_942.30 1.13 YES Use memcard 2
SaGa Frontier 2 SLUS_009.33 1.0 YES Copy protected (patched)
Saiyuki: Journey West SLUS_013.81 1.1-1.4, 1.8, 1.13 YES  
Sammy Sosa Softball Slam SLUS_010.64 1.7-1.13 NO Freezes at the loading screen, use v1.6
Shadow Madness SLUS_004.68 (2) 1.6, 1.8, 1.11 NO Freezes during the opening screens, won't load at all from cd
Shipwreckers SLUS_005.58 1.12 YES
Silent Bomber SLUS_009.02 1.13 YES Freezing/crashing after a few minutes of game play; use v1.9
Silent Hill SLUS_007.07 1.8, 1.11 YES Minor graphics issues
Silhouette Mirage SLUS_007.28 1.11 YES  
SimCity 2000 SLUS_001.13 1.1 YES
Skullmonkeys SLUS_006.01 1.11 NO Crashes after the Playstation logo; command window errors
Skydiving Extreme SLUS_013.92 1.11 YES
Small Soldiers SLUS_007.81 1.8 YES  
Smurf Racer SLUS_013.59 1.7 YES
Soul Blade SLUS_002.40 1.13 YES FPS drop in main menu; 'X' button runs turbo when entering initials in the game's ending; avoid Edge Master Mode lock up by selecting "BATTLE" from the world menu, not book menu
Soul of the Samurai SLUS_008.22 1.8 YES
South Park SLUS_009.36 1.1-1.4 YES  
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack SLUS_009.97 1.11 YES Minor graphics issues, "eek! samplestoirq-0" error
Sorcerer's Maze SLUS_014.95 1.8 YES "cuebin: read sector out of range" error
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels SLUS_002.05 1.10 YES Audio is choppy during intro and in-game, but ok during FMV's
Spec OPS: Airborn Commando SLUS_014.47 1.8 NO Freezes at the first loading screen 
Speedball 2100 SLUS_012.18 1.11-1.13 YES 1.11-1.13: Menu text slightly off?, tested with both CD and image
Spider-Man SLUS_008.75 1.8 YES Occassional speech glitches
Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro SLUS_013.78 1.10, 1.13 YES
Sports Superbike 2 SLUS_014.59 1.8 YES Freezes temporarily?
Spot Goes To Hollywood SLUS_000.14 1.1, 1.9 YES Works almost perfect but no menus. The only way to start the game is by trial and error 
Spyro the Dragon 2: Ripto's Rage SCUS_944.25 1.9, 1.13 YES Cut scenes losing audio
Spyro the Dragon 3: Year of the Dragon SCUS_944.67 1.7-1.11, 1.13 YES Cut scenes losing audio
Star Ocean: The Second Story SCUS_944.21 1.6 YES Crashes at the save point at the end of the disc, but if a memory card is inserted, it WILL save ok, and then you can just restart the emulator with disc 2
Star Trek: Invasion SLUS_009.24 1.6 YES
Star Wars: Demolition SLUS_011.83 1.5-1.12 YES v1.5-1.12: FMV clips don't work; music plays but sound effects are missing; v1.8-1.10: music starts playing in the menu when you press START
Street Fighter Alpha 3 SLUS_008.21 1.5-1.6, 1.10-1.11 YES
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha SLUS_005.48 1.3 YES  
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus SLUS_011.05 1.10 YES
Street Sk8er SLUS_008.18 1.13 NO Won't load from bin/cue; no confirmation of tests for -r option, PAL BIOS or CD
Strider SLUS_011.42 1.7, 1.11 YES Problem when playing with a Dualshock controller
Strider 2 SLUS_011.63 1.13 YES Mod protected, use PAL bios to bypass
Suikoden SLUS_002.92 1.6-1.9 YES Crashes when checking the star stone, using -r option can help occassionally to avoid this; some music is not playing; screen flickering at some cutscenes
Suikoden 2 SLUS_009.58 1.5-1.13 YES Use -r option to prevent freezing, but FMV's will still stutter; noise problems during boss battles; possible graphics issues; PS2 controller set to analog, but analog sticks do not work and X button often results in a double-click
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo SLUS_004.18 1.4 YES
Syphon Filter SCUS_942.40 1.12-1.13 YES Audio issues: voice often cuts off while somebody is talking, other voice sound issue
Syphon Filter 2 SCUS_944.51 1.1 YES
Syphon Filter 3 SCUS_946.40 1.12-1.13 YES XA sound will keep playing after what triggered them is over; Aim area for AU300 gun is black
Tactics Ogre SLUS_005.60 1.7-1.8, 1.10 YES Can't load from a memcard; command window errors
Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger SLUS_007.87 1.7-1.13 YES Freezes after the intro unless you skip the intro
Tales of Destiny SLUS_006.26 1.0-1.13 YES
Tales of Destiny 2 (aka Tales of Eternia) SLUS_013.55 (3) 1.13 YES Minor sound glitches with dialogue
Tekken SLUS_000.06 1.9-1.13 YES In-game music stutters or is missing; one report for v1.12 said Ok
Tekken 2 SLUS_002.13 1.0-1.6, 1.9-1.13 NO Freezes after the Playstation logo, use v1.8
Tekken 3 SLUS_004.02 1.12 YES
Tempest X SLUS_002.83 1.7 YES  
Ten Pin Alley SLUS_003.77 1.13 YES
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins SLUS_009.39 1.11 YES  
Test Drive 6 SLUS_008.39 1.6 YES Graphics glitches: sparks during collissions look like lightning bolts, everything is too bright during races
Theme Park SLUS_000.17 1.1-1.3 YES Is there supposed to be music playing during game play?
Thousand Arms SLUS_008.45 (2) 1.0-1.13 YES Mod protected, v1.0-1.6, 1.9-1.13: use PAL bios to bypass
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy SLUS_009.35 1.9 YES  
Threads of Fate SLUS_010.19 1.0-1.10 NO Collision detection doesn't work, causing you to get stuck early on; crashes when the man leaves the house
Thrill Kill SLUS_007.52 1.8 YES Disclaimer screen might not load; background music doesn't work when loading from an image; stage loading seems a little slow; if you get a black screen, press SQUARE and X at the same time
Thunder Force 5: Perfect System SLUS_007.27 1.13 Ok when playing from CD or image, but music would not play when mounted with Daemon Tools
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 SLUS_010.54 1.7 YES Black screen during the intro, but pressing 'X' will take you to the game menu
Time Commando SLUS_003.42 1.11, 1.13 NO Game crashes after beating the first stage; tested with -r option; tested with CD and image; v1.11: cmd window err
Time Crisis 2: Project Titan SLUS_013.36 1.10 YES  
Tiny Toon Adventures: Plucky's Big Adventure SLUS_013.93 1.10 YES
Tobal No.1 SCUS_942.08 1.6, 1.11 NO Crashes pSX
Tomb Raider SLUS_001.52 1.8, 1.13 YES Beginning of FMV's stutter when using image; freezes generally indicative of bad rip or damaged CD
Tomb Raider 2 SLUS_004.37 1.8, 1.11-1.13 YES  
Tomb Raider 3 SLUS_006.91 1.6-1.13 YES
Tomb Raider: Chronicles SLUS_013.11 1.11-1.13 YES  
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation SLUS_008.85 1.8, 1.11-1.13 YES Also: v1.6
Tomba! SCUS_942.36 1.1-1.13 YES  
Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return SCUS_944.54 1.0-1.13 YES Mod protected, v1.0-1.6, 1.8-1.13: use PAL bios to bypass; All: Use memcard slot 2; slow to load past Whoopee Camp logo, some cut scenes, when going to save; at least one music track music stutters
Tonka Space Station SLUS_010.07 1.13 YES  
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater SLUS_008.60 1.11 YES Tested "Free Skate" only
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 SLUS_010.66 1.11 YES  
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 SLUS_014.19 1.2, 1.4 NO Major graphical issues
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 SLUS_014.85 1.4 NO Major graphical issues
Top Gun: Fire at Will SLUS_000.32 1.4 NO Hangs at Spectrum HoloByte Copy screen
Torneko: The Last Hope - World of Dragon Warrior SLUS_011.81 1.8 NO Freezes after completing, restarting, or leaving Dungeon 4 (The Graveyard)
Trap Gunner SLUS_006.79 1.3 YES
Transformers: Beast Wars - Transmetals SLUS_011.60 1.4 YES  
Triple Play '97 SLUS_002.37 1.9 NO Freezes after EA logo?; "setloc out of range" error
Twisted Metal SCUS_943.04 1.11-1.13 YES Cursor & display problems on some menus
Twisted Metal 2 SCUS_943.06 1.1-1.13 YES
Twisted Metal 3 SCUS_942.49 1.6-1.13 YES Some sound effects incorrect; no in-game music
Twisted Metal 4 SCUS_945.60 1.8-1.13 YES Once one character info is selected, it will go through all the characters' lines
Tyco R/C: Assault With a Battery SLUS_010.74 1.4 YES  
Ultimate 8 Ball SLUS_008.64 1.11 YES Horizontal screen centering controls do not respond
Um Jammer Lammy SCUS_944.48 1.8-1.11 YES No sound from Lammy's guitar; v1.11 tested as ISO image
Unholy War SLUS_006.76 1.12 YES
Vagrant Story SLUS_010.40 1.6, 1.10-1.12 YES Minor sound glitches
Valkyrie Profile SLUS_011.56 (2) 1.8, 1.13 YES Use -r option to avoid any minor freezes; insert a memcard before you start up the game, save frequently; Possible random freezing
Vampire Hunter D SLUS_011.38 1.13 YES Title screen is blank, otherwise fine
Vandal Hearts SLUS_004.47 1.0 YES
Vandal Hearts 2 SLUS_009.40 1.0-1.6, 1.9 NO Copy protected, no known bypass
Vanguard Bandits SLUS_010.70 1.1, 1.8 YES v1.8: "cuebin: read sector out of range" error
Vigilante 8 SLES_012.12 1.10 YES Minor graphics glitches with the environments; no engine sounds
Vision of Escaflowne, The (Limited Edition) SLPS_010.14 1.3-1.7 YES In certain parts of the script, it takes forever for you to get past it; if using a CD, use -r option
VMX Racing SLUS_001.23   YES  
Vs SLUS_005.13 1.8 YES
WarCraft 2: The Dark Saga SLUS_004.80 1.13 NO Music & spoken audio skips frequently, main interface is missing during game play, game randomly freezes; memcards not tested; -r switch does not help
Wargames: Defcon 1 SLUS_005.99 1.13 NO Freezes during the opening screens; command window errors; tested with -r option
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat SLUS_001.17 1.10 YES Music does not play
WCW vs the World SLUS_004.55 1.9 YES
Wild Arms SCUS_946.08 1.12-1.13 YES Freezes with "illegal link address" errors for 15 seconds, then everything runs fine
Wild Arms 2 SCUS_944.84 (2) 1.4-1.13 YES Mod protected, v1.4-1.6, 1.9-1.13: use PAL bios to bypass
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger SLUS_000.19 1.13 YES  
Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom SLUS_002.70 (4) 1.7 YES Possibly a little slow in loading times
WipeOut XL (aka WipeOut 2) SCUS_943.51 1.13 YES No analog
World's Scariest Police Chases  SLUS_011.65 1.1 NO Freezes at the first screen after the PlayStation logo 
Worms World Party SLUS_014.48 1.6 YES If playing with a game image, move/delete any accompanying .CUE file for the game to play
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style SLUS_009.29 1.8 NO Freezes after the Playstation logo
WWF Warzone SLUS_004.95 1.9 YES Minor graphics issues: some texture problems with the wrestlers
X-Com: Enemy Unknown SLUS_001.41 1.11-1.13 YES Graphics issues: pointer on most menus is missing
X-Men: Children of the Atom SLUS_000.44 1.6, 1.8-1.9, 1.11 NO Freezes before you can play the game; command window errors
X-Men: Mutant Academy SLUS_007.74 1.10 NO Crashes after the character select screen
X-Men vs Street Fighter SLUS_006.27 1.0, 1.4 YES Sides appear to be cut off a bit, but nothing that would prevent you from playing 
Xena: Warrior Princess SLUS_009.77 1.12 NO Cannot finish level 7, possibly a bug in the game itself
Xenogears SLUS_006.64 (2) 1.10 YES Intro is very jerky, -r option doesn't help; Disc 2: use -r option to avoid freeze after defeating Hammer & cutscene
Xploder V4 Pro Media Edition 1010302_145 1.13 YES Music player causes pSX to crash; Mute audio when selecting or adding cheats due to high pitched beeps
XS Junior League Football SLUS_015.54 1.6 YES  
XS Moto SLUS_015.06 1.6 YES
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories SLUS_014.11 1.9-1.10 YES Use PAL bios to play
Zero Divide SLUS_001.83 1.6 YES During gameplay, fighters are moving way too quickly
Zoboomafoo SLUS_014.01 1.6 NO Repeats the loading screen
Zoop SLUS_000.78 1.7 YES "setloc out of range" error
Name GameID (Disc) Version Works Comment